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Threads doesn’t do e-comm. We’re reinventing it.

Chat Commerce

Traditionally Fashion is sold through standard e-comm portals. Threads doesn’t do e-comm. Our vision means we are engineering a new form of commerce.

By leveraging chat platforms, we have the ability to offer a new type of retail, one that is highly personalised and interactive, akin to what you would experience if you walked into a department store.

We engage our clients through Whatsapp & WeChat and transact directly on those platforms, which means we can deliver the Threads customer experience where-ever our clients are in the world.

Fashion Tech

As Threads has been pushing boundaries of innovation for 5 years, we’ve already defined many of the rules that make chat commerce conversion almost 5X more effective than traditional e-comm.

The tools and platforms being built at Threads are game-changing, as very few companies have been able to innovate in this space.

Making our service more personal, delivering more value to our internal teams and business partners, understanding and interacting with our clients on a higher level, are all part of how we define the new way forward.

Tech Careers

  • Big Vision: To Reinvent E-commerce
  • Strong Focus: To change how people buy luxury fashion
  • Exciting greenfield projects
  • Industry defining Tech Roadmap
  • Open Source Stack
  • Great experienced team with lots of energy

“I’ve joined Threads because I believe in the company vision and the potential to redefine the way we buy things through our devices. We’ve already put many exciting greenfield projects on the roadmap to support our ambitions and enable us to operate globally, at scale.”

Evgeny Poberezkin

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