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All Trussed Up


Meet this summer’s ultimate bag.
Mexico, America’s more vivacious sister, has brought us many wonderful things in life: chocolate, tequila and tacos originated here, and everyone secretly loves a Chihuahua (they’re not just for Paris Hilton). And now the nation that brought us sugar skulls is on our sartorial map thanks to emerging bag brand TRUSS.

Founded by Opening Ceremony alumni Gillian Tozer and Elise Durbecq, TRUSS is celebration of the vibrantly coloured and patterned bags used by Mexican natives. Bold, beautiful and practical, each bag is handwoven into traditional geometric patterns by artisans in Oaxaca, to whom a portion of the profits is donated as well as a women’s foundation in the region, and given an injection of cool from the curatorial eyes of Tozer and Durbecq. In TRUSS, street style meets sustainability: these bags help to keep the folk art and craftsmanship traditions thriving in Mexico while we get to wear their striking shopping bags. What’s not to love?! What’s more, take one look at their website and we challenge you not to be inspired by the editorial shoots: working with über hip photographers and stylists, TRUSS create images which blur the boundaries between art and advertisement. One thing’s clear: these girls understand a thing or two about ultra cool collaborations and really know how to sell us a lifestyle. Relaxing by a sundrenched pool or just hanging out in our luxurious vintage car? Yup, that’s most definitely us. We’re definitely not sitting in an office in rainy London this summer.

Yes, TRUSS has got us dreaming of warmer weather. Striking and sturdy, these bags are perfect for the summer whether you’re indulging in boat life, taking to the beach or staying in the city. Carry your life around with you in the capacious tote bags, or keep things pared-back with cross body styles and clutch bags – there truly is a style for everyone, even if you’re a die-hard minimalist. Come on, it’s the summer – give the black a bit of a boost! The carefully curated colour palettes range from bright to monochrome, so you can make whatever size of statement you want. Spotted in virtually every glossy publication and on the arms of many a street style icon (Taylor Tomasi Hill is a fan, and she most certainly has the Threads seal of approval), you can mark our words; these are the only bags to be seen with as the mercury rises. They look as cool with some sandals and Vita Kin as they do with jeans and Common Projects. And the best bit? You’ll probably have change left over from £150. We’re sold.