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Social Commerce

We’re pioneering the best luxury shopping experience in the world.

That’s no mean feat. By inspiring our global community through editorial Instagram, WeChat and Snapchat content – then engaging them directly via chat-based media – we speak to the next generation of luxury shoppers.

We are at the forefront of driving a new form of retail; this is social commerce, and it’s changing how the world buys fashion.

Our unique approach has earned us double digit £m revenue and more than 100%+ annual growth. We’re a 2017 Tech Track 100 Company, and ranked as a Future Fifty business; one of the most disruptive digital tech companies of 2017.

And we’re growing. Fast. This calls for a team of dedicated, driven individuals who can deliver in a dynamic, fast growth environment.

Are you up to the challenge? Whether your strength lies in creative, technology, financial, sales, or logistics, there is a place for you in our team.

We champion inclusivity, camaraderie and always maintain a sense of humour – when you’re creating the best luxury shopping experience in the world, you’re going to want to smile!



Our highly skilled team to keeps us working smoothly while firmly keeping an eye on future innovations.



Inspiring our customers via pioneering social media content.



Welcome to the front line. Fast-paced and dynamic, this is where the action happens.

Brand Partnerships

The art of negotiation and understanding is what makes companies, and people, tick.



Methodical and analytical, meet the well-oiled cogs that keep threads running smoothly 24/7.



These guys know that money talks – they keep us in check and the books balanced.


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Our interns get unparalleled exposure to the inner workings of a growing business in the luxury industry. Show us what you’ve got.


No current vacancies