About Us

We are the pioneers of 21st century personal shopping.

We’re fast. We’re global. We offer our clients the ultimate convenience service.

We pride ourselves on knowing what you want before you do. We inspire our highly engaged, active social media community through beautiful editorial, Instagram, WeChat and real-time Snapchat content before talking to our loyal clients directly via chat-based media.

You tell us what you want, or we inspire you to discover something we know you will love. Then we find it and send it to you direct, anywhere in the world.

From the latest luxury items to the unique or hard-to-find, nothing is too big an ask. We see obscurity as a challenge and nothing as unobtainable. No more trawling through endless shops and websites – let our expert team do the legwork for you, putting you closer to the pieces you desire. After all, time is a luxury you can’t afford to give up.